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About Making it Home
It’s certainly not easy to transform a boxy, beige apartment into a stylish, comfortable home on a limited budget. Personalizing your starter house or condo is even harder, especially after you’ve blown your savings on the down payment. Whether you’re looking for affordable art, low-cost furniture options, or budget-friendly alternatives to Jonathan Adler pillows and Crate & Barrel throw rugs, Making it Home is the go-to resource for cost-effective design ideas that will truly make your place feel more like home.

About the author
My name is Rachel and I’m a twenty-something newlywed who has struggled to create a stylish place on a meager budget. Over the past four years, I’ve learned that you don’t need to load up solely on Target and IKEA goods to get the low-budget version of the look you want. Instead, we’ve managed to collect a diverse range of artwork, accessories and furniture from an array of places for very little money.

My biggest design tip is to be patient. Don’t settle for something if it doesn’t fit into your overall aesthetic. And, to be truly cost-efficient, add pieces that reflect your style one-by-one over time. Our space continues to evolve – as do we!

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