Spruce up your space for free

In this horrible economy, I’m looking for quick ways to save a buck—as I’m sure you are, too. Fortunately, there are many ways to spruce up your space using items you already have.

How to do it:

Mix up your tschotskies or switch around your wall art
Once about every month or so, I change up the assortment of knick-knacks and frames that are arranged on our tabletops and other furniture. I have several candlesticks and holders that have made their way around our apartment. Sometimes I also like to re-arrange our wall art for a fresh look. Sick of that canvas print in your living room? Hang it above your bed! However, make sure you cover up those unsightly holes!

Be creative with your overflow of vases and candleholders
I use vases for all sorts of things: one on our desk is full of pens and pencils, while another serves as a catch-all for our flash drives, earbuds and paper clips. I’ve also used a hurricane candleholder as a canister for our kitchen utensils. Be creative!

Repurpose your baskets
I don’t know about you, but I’ve got an overflow of baskets that I’ve received as part of a gift. One now holds magazines and mail on our coffee table, another holds important reading materials in our “second office,” and the other houses our cozy winter blankets. The best thing is the baskets are actually pretty attractive!

Drape a throw blanket over your couch
You can elegantly drape a throw blanket over the arm of your couch for a casual but luxurious feel. Just make sure your blanket isn’t loaded with coffee stains.

Add more lamps to the rooms you frequent the most
Most people have several extra lamps that are either buried in the closet or haphazardly scattered around their place. If you’re in need of more lighting, ask around – I’m sure people will be more than willing to pass them off to someone! Move the bulk of the lamps into the rooms you frequent the most, as good lighting is the key to a cozy atmosphere.

Rearrange furniture
See my recent post on the difference simple rearrangements makes.

Put that iron away and clean up clutter
We often leave our iron and drying rack set up in our second bedroom. As we use both nearly every day, it seems pointless to dismantle them. However, on days where you’re really stressed and sick of your space, clean up the clutter. You’ll feel so much better in under five minutes.

Clear off your dining room or coffee table
These two tabletops accumulate mail, jewelry, and other materials throughout the week. Keep the junk under control with some of those strategically placed baskets I told you about…

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