Deck the walls with framed LPs

A stylish and cheap way to personalize your space and fill your blank walls is to frame your favorite records. Whether you want to display the cover art from your favorite indie rock album or show off your “ironic” collection of Journey records, you can do so on the cheap.

LPs are still available in local and national record stores, believe it or not. In fact, vinyl versions of your favorite current albums are usually available for under $15 each. Several stores now even carry inexpensive record frames.

For the blank wall in our dining area, we chose to deck the walls with some indie rock greats. Our selection of Neutral Milk Hotel, The Postal Service and Bright Eyes records not only conveys our music tastes, but also adds a nice visual element to our home. Now we can feel like Rob Gordon on a daily basis, minus the “what does it all mean” freak-outs and Cosby sweatahs.

If you’re not into indie rock, go for glam and make your place feel like a recording studio. Line the walls with LPs by your favorite R&B divas or rappers.

Or, peruse the local flea markets or secondhand stores and load up on vintage records from bygone decades. If you’ve got a wicked sense of humor, display a collection of records featuring Barry Gibb’s signature mullet-and-beard combo. (I think I just gave myself an idea for our second bedroom.)

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San said...

This is a really neat idea. I have to think about that.