Solutions for your entryway

After a long day, most of us tend to drop everything immediately. But rather than scatter keys, mail and shoes (so many shoes!) around your place, bring it all together with a cost-effective entryway solution.

I personally use a Bombay Company end table as an entry table, and it works great. We can store all of our crap in the front drawer and drop our keys in the little re-purposed "party plate." This doesn’t solve our massive shoe problem (who knew we had so many shoes?), but we’ll just have to be better about keeping those out of sight.

If you go for a console table, which is essentially just a little wider and slightly taller than an end table, you can add additional storage space to the tabletop with a decorative basket similar in shape to this one. I don’t have to tell you that baskets like this are available everywhere for super-cheap! I’ve even gotten compliments on ones purchased from the dollar store.

Another option I’m coveting is a wooden bench with “cubby”-like storage spaces beneath it, such as this one and this one. The baskets can be filled with gloves, scarves, shoes, or anything else you want to keep tucked away.

If you don’t have the room or budget for furniture, go with a couple decorative hooks to keep your purse, scarves, and light jackets together. I scored these branch hooks on clearance from Urban Outfitters last year—keep your eye out for sales. You can also kill two birds with one stone courtesy of Etsy seller magneticboardman, as he makes coat racks that double as wall art!

Happy hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Oh such a good idea :) I try something like this in my place, but my "entryway" is about as large as a coffee table. You open the door and you find yourself smack in the living room---I rent a 630 sq ft apartment. blah