The Re-Arranger

Simply re-arranging your furniture brings a fresh look and feel to any space. We recently moved a hand-me-down bookcase down to our basement so that we could use our square footage more efficiently. As you can see below in the “before” picture, the placement of the bookcase resulted in an odd “faux nook” and a crammed-together seating area.

Now, as shown in the “after” picture below, the living room looks much more open and inviting. Although we subtracted a substantial and useful piece of furniture, sometimes less is definitely more!

The rules of re-arrangement apply to every room and object in your home. On days when I enjoy an HGTV marathon and subsequently yearn for a house makeover, I reorganize my tschotkes (no duck figurines here, mind you). I often switch out my dining room table centerpiece with a fruit bowl, candlesticks or flowers. And, if our bedroom layout allowed it, I’d rearrange the boudoir every six months.

Sometimes new arrangements inspire greater creativity and a simply refreshing change—or just make you realize how many dust bunnies gather underneath your couch!

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