Grown-up band posters

Until this year, the last time I owned a framed band poster was probably in 1988. When I saw that New Kids on the Block poster encased in a black plastic frame, I knew it had to be mine. Later, I discarded the NKOTB boys and the frame in favor of No Doubt, Silverchair and thumbtacks. In college, my hubs and I decked out our respective one-room dwellings with posters of such bands as Rainer Maria, The Shins and Ben Harper.

While our musical tastes have thankfully changed, our affinity for band posters has not. But these days, we forego the glossy mass-produced posters in favor of silkscreened gig prints. Not only are they much cooler looking, but allow you to showcase your impeccable taste in music without looking like you actually framed a poster.

Etsy seller Strawberryluna has some great silkscreened gig posters for indie rock’s finest bands. We purchased a Spoon poster (which is no longer available) that draws our living room together quite well. I’m also coveting her Death Cab for Cutie print.

Other sites that offer ultra-hip, silkscreened posters for the grown-up indie fan include:
The Small Stakes

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Mermanda said...

I met the strawberryluna artist at Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. We've had "P is for Panda" for a year, framed and hanging above our mantle. Love it.