Need. More. Art.

In two weeks, I will be embarking on a super-intensive spring-cleaning mission, which entails reorganizing and redesigning every single room in our apartment (including the basement). Naturally, I’ll do it all on a budget, and I’ll chronicle the entire “makeover” right here on this newly redesigned blog. But before I begin this massive project, I’ve been gathering ideas on what I’ll need… and I’m thinking it’s more wall art!

The project will begin with the second bedroom, which houses our well-loved iMac, a couch, and usually our ironing board and drying rack full of wet clothes. When we moved in, we hung some of our least-liked wall art in this room just so the walls weren’t totally empty. But now I’m thinking it’s time to take down those framed college diplomas (they’re nice, but not very stylish) and put up some artwork that reflects what we want the room to be—a fun place to come and relax, listen to music, peruse Google Reader and just cheeeel.

Right now, we’ve got this print from The Poster List above our couch:

I’d like to find another print to accompany this one, as it looks a little lonely. So far, I’ve come across a few contenders, both of which are gig posters (my go-to wall art):

From Insound

From The Small Stakes

The bird and phonograph-style flower in the Andrew Bird print above remind me of the print I already have. It would be kind of funny to echo that element. Hmmm... so many options!

What would you choose? Are you into posters or more traditional wall art?

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