Double-layer DIY

As I barely ever notice curtain rods, expensive ones were not high on my priority list when it came to decorating our place. Unless there’s a truly hideous decorative element at each end of the rod, I think it’s perfectly OK to purchase the cheapest ones you can find! And in many cases, you can create the look you want using super-cheap materials.

For example, I’m a big fan of the double-layer look, which consists of a heavier outer curtain with white sheers underneath. However, the double-layer rods are usually quite expensive, so I created my own.

First, we hung the white sheers using one of those ultra-inexpensive white metal rods, which you can pick up virtually anywhere.

Then, we screwed in a thicker metal rod slightly above the white one. The key here is to choose a rod with brackets that will thrust the top layer of curtains out a couple inches to cover the layer underneath.

Incredibly, the outer rods were purchased for just $6.99 each at our local Christmas Tree Shop (no, they don’t sell Christmas trees, but they do have verrrrrry interesting garden ornaments).

The result: an elegant look for a mega steal!

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