Spatial hues: choosing a color scheme

I usually have a tough time making decisions, but when it came to choosing a color scheme for our place, I knew what I wanted: chocolate brown and light blue. I liked it so much, it also happened to become the scheme for our bedroom. I know a good thing when I see it, I suppose.

When it came to the other rooms, it got a little trickier. My momma always says that each room should flow into another. So in the kitchen, we’ve got blue, green and beige—a nice complement to the brown and blue. Upstairs, we have a green and brown scheme in the bathroom and a way-too-beige second bedroom that will be addressed soon in our upcoming spring-cleaning project.

When I walk through our home, I can see where each color picks up in each room and is carried throughout—and it wasn’t even really intentional!

Do you have a color scheme? How did you choose it?


Erin said...

We used the same three wall colors throughout our house in various combinations: asparagus, russian blue and castle stone (all valspar). The thing is, due to different lighting and some special stripe work in my son's bedroom, the rooms all have a different feel, though they all go together.

Bridget Marie said...

Our living room and bedroom are both chocolate brown and light blue as well. And I thought I was being original....I guess it's really in right now!
Cute blog!
; - )