Five fun vases

Cute vases can be inexpensive and add more beauty and depth to your room. But don’t go featuring that ultra-traditional, textured-glass vase you took home as part of a free wedding centerpiece. The best way to achieve a stylish look is to choose vases in modern or classic shapes that don’t look like they’re straight of out the 80s. But you already knew that!

Clockwise from left:
notNeutral Flora vase set - $24.00, 2 Modern.com
Reiner vases - $19.95-$24.95, ZGallerie.com
vases - $1.99, IKEA
Izzy vase set - $34.95, Crate & Barrel
Carton vase - $6.95, CB2

There's so much you can do with these. Split up the "flora" vase set and put one on an end table or a bookshelf. Put an empty "Reiner" vase in the center of the dining room table for a simple, minimalistic look. Cluster the white IKEA bud vases on a mantle or shelf and give yourself bonus points if the wall behind them isn't white. The "Izzy" vase set would look ultra-cute clustered together or spread throughout the house. You can also buy just one if you're not into sets. Finally, for those looking for more whimsical decor elements, go for the cute little carton vase.

Now buy some flowers (or coerce someone into buying them for you) and you’re all set!

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Mermanda said...

Oh my my. You are just dangling so many beautiful things in front of me today! Those purple vases are magnificent.