Dear Internet,

Would you rather have an incredible apartment with all of the amenities you want in a not-so-nice neighborhood, or a sub-par apartment in a nice area?


San said...

Mmh, that REALLY depends on the amenities and how "not-so-nice" the neighborhood is... and what's more important to you.

Kim & Ryan said...

As long as sub-par is livable, I would choose that. I think a neighborhood is really important.

My husband would say the opposite - he could care less about every talking to our neighbors. =)

Just found your blog from 20somethings.... I love it!

Mermanda said...

Nice neighborhood... as long as the "sub-par" apartment isn't infested or anything... ::shudder::

semolina said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm thinking the "sub-par" apartment wouldn't be infested (haha) but much smaller with less amenities, like # of bedrooms and dishwasher vs. no dishwasher.

Anne said...

Location, location, location.

I live in a 390 square foot apartment with my boyfriend and daughter. It's tiny but we love the area (downtown Vancouver, BC).